Used Engine for 2007 Kia Rondo 2.4L

2007 Kia RondoHello, I’ve just bought this car with a completely destroyed engine (two thrown rods, block is completely broken). So I am planning to buy a used engine or better, a remanufactured engine short block.
This is a Theta II engine. The very same engine blocks have been installed in Chrysler Sebring, Dodge Avenger and some Jeeps. These used engines are way cheaper than of KIA. So, my question is: do you know whether the blocks are indeed the same, and whether a, say, 2007 Sebring block will fit the Rondo’s automatic transmission?
Will appreciate your any advice.


When thinking about swapping out an engine for a used engine there are many things to consider. Remember this, the engine that you are taking out was a used engine just 10 miles before it blew up. A remanufactured engine will require a core. No matter the choice, the most important thing is warranty. Jasper Engines offers a Parts and Labor warranty. There may be others that do as well. Make sure to get it in writing!

Used Engine Interchangeable Vehicle Guide

  • There is NO GUARANTEE that the part interchanges.
  • You must make the final determination that the part meets your needs.

According to : Do-It-Yourself Pull-A-Part Used Auto Parts

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