Cadillac STS 2009

My car has been making a terrible grinding sound coming from the front driver wheel. I thought it was the brakes but someone removed the wheel for me and it looks like the brake pad is not completely worn down. A little while ago I was driving down my street and the whole wheel locked up as if the E brake was on but even more so. What could the problem be? Also recently the car was saying Service Stability System. Any info/advice is greatly appreciated. Someone told me it may be the tie rod or possibly the caliper has locked up.


Sounds like the brake caliper has locked up. This is common enough and easy enough to repair. As long as the other side brake pads look fine you can just repair the one side. The purchase of a “loaded caliper” makes it quick. The caliper comes with the brake pads already installed. If money is no object, you may want to go ahead and replace both front brake rotors and pads. Both calipers would not be necessary.