Ford escort zx2

Hi my car has gas and all the other fluids in it. The oil light is on, the check fuel cap light is on, the service engine light is on and the battery light is on. It turns over but want crank up


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  1. All of these lights should come on when the ignition key is put in to start the engine. If these lights stay on once the engine is running, that is when to be concerned with them.

    The engine turns over but will not start.

    This can be caused by several different things. An engine needs four things to run. We can start by figuring out what is missing.

    1) Spark
    2) Fuel
    3) Compression
    4) Timing

    If the engine spins over faster and sounds a bit off from what it normally does, there is a good chance the timing belt broke. A compression test can confirm this without disassembly of the engine.

    No Start Diagnostics

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