2001 nissan maxima se 20th anniversary edition

2001 Nissan Maxima Anniversary EditionSo for a few weeks the check engine light would come on then flash until I got to a certain speed then stop flashing. Also auto lights would have to be turned off and the radio or it would stay on I have had to jump the car with my truck but last time went to jump and it went to turn over then stopped now their is nothing only power from battery need help please


First thing I would think would cause this would be a relay sticking. Most likely a head light relay. There is a right and left headlight relay. This may be the cause for the battery draining. The battery will most likely need to be replaced since you have tried jumping it so many times. And possible blown main power fuses (fuseable links A and C) to regain power to everything else.

2001 Nissan Maxima Starting System Wiring Diagram


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