Fuel pump location for 1995 Toyota T100

1995 toyota t100
Where are the fuel pump and fuel filter located?



The fuel pump is located inside the fuel tank. The fuel filter is located at the bottom of the  pump(see diagram). Some vehicles also have an inline fuel filter. The inline fuel filter is usually located between the fuel tank and the engine. Most often the fuel filter in mounted on the frame rail under the vehicle.

Fuel Pump Removal & Installation

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Safely relieve the fuel pressure within the fuel system. Drain the fuel from the tank, then remove the fuel tank.

fuel pump toyota

Unbolt the fuel pump bracket from the fuel tank

  1. Remove the pump retaining bolts, then pull the pump bracket up and out of the fuel tank.

fuel pump diagram

The electric fuel pump has a filter; check it for any clogging or tears

  1. Remove the gasket from the bracket.
  2. Remove the two nuts and then disconnect the wires at the fuel pump.
  3. Pull the fuel pump out of the lower side of the bracket. Disconnect the pump from the fuel hose.
  4. Using a small screwdriver, remove the retaining clip that holds the fuel filter on the bottom of the  pump.
  5. Remove the fuel filter from the pump.

To reassemble and install, reverse procedure using new clip and gasket.

Fuel Pump Replacement Kit

I have taken the time to look up the replacement fuel pump and filter kit and double checked to insure a proper fit. Complete kit for under $60 includes shipping.

fuel pump kit 1995 toyota t100

What the auto repair manuals don’t tell you about replacing the fuel pump.

Once the fuel pump and or fuel filter are replaced the fuel system needs to be primed. A few simple steps will have your fuel system primed in no time. Cycle the ignition switch on and off. Hold for 5 seconds between on and off. This allows the pump to run long enough to build pressure in the fuel system. The fuel injectors will not fire correctly without adequate fuel pressure.