Code P0752 on my Chevy Traverse

2009 Chevy Traverse
I have Code P0752 on my Chevrolet Traverse 2009 with transmission problems , fault codes P0752 , P0989 , P0877,
I want to replace the valve body with TCM & speed sensors.
My question: is reprogramming required after installation?

Yes, the new TCM requires reprogramming.

Code P0752 – 1-2 Shift Solenoid Valve Performance – No Second or Third Gear

Code P0752 Possible causes

– Low transmission fluid level
– Dirty transmission fluid
– Faulty 1-2 Shift Solenoid valve
– 1-2 Shift Solenoid valve harness or connectors
– 1-2 Shift Solenoid valve circuit is open or shorted

Code P0752 Description

The 1-2 shift solenoid (SS) valve controls the fluid flow acting on the 1-2 and 3-4 shift valves. The 1-2 SS valve is a normally-open exhaust valve that is used with the 2-3 SS valve, in order to allow four different shifting combinations.

Code P0752 is detected when

The P0752 code is detected when the gear required by the ECM does not match the actual gear when vehicle is driven.

Code P0752 Related symptoms

– Engine Light ON (or Service Engine Soon Warning Light)
– Transmission will not shift gears.

transmission temperature chart

P0989 – Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor/Switch E Circuit Low
P0877 – Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor/Switch D circuit Low