2001 Mercury Cougar

2001 Mercury Cougar
My 2001 Mercury Cougar will turn over but will not start. The car had been parked for a while and before the fuel pump and filter was replaced. the car ran fine before parking it


Sometimes after your 2001 Mercury Cougar has been setting for a while it requires some extra TLC. The fuel system pressure may bleed off and may need to be primed. This is easily achieved by cycling the ignition key on and off 10 times, waiting 5 seconds in between each movement. This will build the necessary fuel pressure needed to fire the fuel injectors. Of course starting out with a fully charged battery is assumed.

2001 Mercury Cougar will not start

If the no start situation turns out to be more, further diagnosis will be required. You will need to figure out what the engine is not getting when trying to start it. Check for spark, fuel pressure and fuel injector pulse. A quick spray of starting fluid in the air filter would let you know if it has spark or use a tester.

Specialty Tools :

Spark Plug Tester

Fuel Pressure Test Kit

Fuel Injector Pulse Tester

Tests for injector pulse in car, just touch the tip to the side of the injector and crank the engine. A light flashes when injector pulses.