Chevy Aveo 2006 misfire

Chevy Aveo
My Chevy Aveo is having a random cylinder misfire and wanted to know what the fuel rail pressure should be at idle.


With the ignition key in the “ON” position and the fuel pump relay jumped or activated with a scantool, the fuel pressure should read between 55 – 62 psi.

Chevy Aveo Fuel System Description

When the ignition is turned ON, the Engine Control Module (ECM) supplies power to the in-tank fuel pump, by energizing the fuel pump relay. The in-tank fuel pump remains ON as long as the engine is cranking or running and the ECM receives crankshaft reference pulses. If there are no reference pulses, the ECM turns the in-tank fuel pump OFF, 2 seconds after the ignition switch is turned ON or 2 seconds after the engine stops running.