Heater control panel Hyundai Sonata

2004 Hyundai Sonata
Having problem with my heater controls inside my car but the AC doesn’t work with the controls either. So I’m thinking its a short in the dashboard control panel switches but wanted to make sure before I pull the dash apart.

I am thinking if it doesn’t blow air out the dash at all on any speed setting that you have a possible blower motor issue (check the “blower fuse” located in the under hood fuse block). Only blows on High speed would be a blower motor resistor issue. Stuck on hot or cold would be an actuator issue. Stuck on defrost/dash/floor would also be an actuator issue. No signal going tot he actuators would be a control panel issue. If you decide to dig into the dash these instructions may help save you a little time.

Control Panel Removal & Installation

  1. Remove the front console cover.
  2. Remove the screw, and detach the clips.
  3. Disconnect the following items to remove the center fascia panel (A).
    • Hazard warning lamp connector (B).
    • Rear defroster connector (D).
    • Windshield deicer connector (C).
    • Front fog lamp connector (E).
      dash control panel removal diagram

      Control panel connectors diagram

  4. Remove the audio assembly.
  5. Loosen the screws.
  6. Remove the heater control unit (A).
    Heater control panel unit diagram

    Heater control unit diagram

  7. Installation is the reverse of removal.

    Make sure all the connectors are plugged in properly.

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