Blower Motor Resistor

blower motor resistor

Blower Motor Resistor

My 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 has no power to the blower motor resistor. I have changed all the fuses under-hood and inside fuse panel still no power to my resistor..too the resistor harness off and found it is not connected to any wires at all. It just has one end for the blower motor resistor and the other end goes to the rear air that my truck is not equipped with there for no constant hot wire..I need help I can provide a pic if needed

Not sure exactly what wires you are looking at under the dash. The wiring colors should help to determine which one needs to go where. I have added the blower motor wiring diagram below. Make sure your battery is in good working order and the ignition key is in the “ON” position. You should see Battery positive at all times on the Orange wire going to Pin G on the resistor assembly. Then when the key is on and the blower motor is turned on to High you should see battery voltage on the other Orange wire at Pin F.

Blower Motor Resistor Symptoms

  • Fan only blows on low speed
  • Fan only blows on medium speed
  • Fan only blows on high speed
  • Fan does not blow air out the dash

Blower Motor Resistor Location

Looking at the image above you can see the resistor is located next to the motor. The entire assembly is accessible from under the dash below the glove box area. Removal of the sound deadening material may be necessary.
Quick test for a resistor going out. If the blower motor blows air on high but not on other speeds, replace the blower motor resistor. If it does not blow on any speeds, Check and confirm voltage to the fuses. Apply power direct to the blower motor for testing. If the blower motor works, and fuses are good, replace the resistor.