Car jerking Toyota

Car JerkingMy Toyota Corolla has a problem. The car jerking and loosing power when accelerating, after timing belt snapped and repaired.


Sounds like you wouldn’t have made it very far off the lot when you picked this up. Turn around and take it back to the shop. The car jerking and loosing power should have been noticeable when test driving by the mechanic. It may be time for a re-work on the timing belt job. Either way a deeper look into what may be going on is needed.

Car Jerking and power loss

If the timing belt was installed one tooth out of position the engine would still run. The engine may even seem to have a fair idle and be somewhat drive-able. To prevent this from happening, the mechanic needs to turn the engine over several times after installing the new timing belt. This is a part of the procedure that is often skipped when being performed with time restraints.

Is it safe to drive with the car jerking?

If the engine is running, any damage that was going to occur is pretty much already done. It would not be recommended to try a drive it this way indefinitely. Driving it back to the shop would not be out of the question and should save money on a tow bill anyway. If the check engine light is on and flashing a call to the shop that performed the repair might be the way to go as they may wish to provide a tow.