No heat in my 1997 Ford F-150

1997 Ford F150
No heat in car but air is blowing, can you please give me some advice as to what to do, thank you.

Kevin Francis

Number one cause of no heat would be low coolant. Most likely caused form a leak. Pressure test the cooling system and repair any leaks found. Top off coolant and test.

No heat in car

Couple of reasons for a no heat situation. One would be if the blower motor is not blowing. We will assume it is but still has no heat. So you are left with a few causes for no heat in car. One would be if the coolant level was to low. If left unchecked things could worsen and turn into a overheating problem. Repair any leaks found. Another cause would be if the coolant level was full but the thermostat is sticking. Possible restricted or clogged heater core. One more thing to check would be for blockage in the ventilation ducts.

What to Check

  • Check the coolant level in the radiator
  • Check temperature of heater hoses to make sure they are both hot.
  • Check both upper and lower radiator hose temperature. Both should hoses should be hot.

no heat in car