iHere 3.0 Key Finder tracking device

iHere 3.0
Recently I was given the opportunity to try out some new technology by nonda. The truly innovative iHere 3.0 Key Finder & Selfie Remote brings more to the table than anything we have seen before. I won’t go on about all the specifications but I do want to highlight a few points of interest I found. iHere is more than just a tracking device for your keys. This powerful remote has some built in spy tech as well. May be purchased through amazon.

iHere 3.0 Smart Key Finder Pros and Cons


  • Find your car keys inside a 75-foot radius or reverse it and find your phone
  • Cool design
  • Rechargeable
  • Works as a selfie remote – or hide the phone a take pictures
  • Remote activation for voice recording on your phone
  • Bluetooth technology


  • Requires Bluetooth 4.0
  • Price is a little top end but the quality is there to back it up

Overall rating 4HalfStar

iHere 3.0 provides an easy to use selfie remote. Place your phone just about anywhere and snap photos with your iHere 3.0. Great for family photos. Take a perfect selfie or group photo every time. Loss your phone and the iHere can ring your phone to help you find locate it.

What makes iHere 3.0 so much fun?

Image being able to record from your phone and not even be in the room. You could be at a restaurant with a group of friends and excuse yourself from the table having left your phone behind. Then all you have to do it activate the voice recorder with your iHere 3.0. The entire conversation is recorded and no one is the wiser.  The same could be done with the camera on the phone. Big brother doesn’t have to be the only one with cool toys to play with.
iHere 3.0 Selfie Remote

iHere 3.0 Key Finder

Each iHere device is equipped with Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth allows the connection between a Smart Phone and the iHere 3.0 device and acts as a homing signal. A quick download of the app onto the phone and the key finder is ready when you are. Select the “Call Phone” option and have the ability to locate your phone using the remote to ring your phone till you find it. It works just as easy as finding your keys.


iHere 3.0 iHere 3.0 App Software

  • Android –  app requires a mobile device with Android 4.3 or newer
  • iPhone – app requires a mobile device with iOS 7.1 or newer

– iHere 3.0 Specifications