Battery Drains Chevy Silverado

2004-chevy-silveradoEvery couple of days if i let my 2004 Chevy Silverado 1500 sit the battery drains. I have to jump it to start it but every time I take it and have it tested they can never find anything wrong. Battery cables are good and tight and have changed the battery and alternator and shut off the interior lights to where they don’t come on is there anything else i should be looking at


Glove box bulb is one place to look. Wait till night time and then look as it will be easier to see a light. Also check for loose change in the cigar lighter and power ports. A dime or gum wrapper is all it takes to get lodged in there and it will drain the battery.

You may disconnect the battery and see if the battery is still dead after it sits. In most cases the battery itself is the problem. It may test OK at the local parts house, but I can assure you the test is not that accurate.

If you still are having issues at this point you may has a parasitic draw.

Wiki has done a great job on explaining how to test for a parasitic battery draw.