Oil Consumption Subaru 2015 Forester

oil consumption 2015 Subaru ForesterDealer replaced engine block after 11 months of failed ‘oil consumption tests’.
At my first 1200 mile oil check, the new block is half a quart low.
Should I be concerned again???


No. But I would definitely keep an eye on it. It is normal for some oil to be consumed or burned during break in  as it gives time for the rings to seat properly. A half quart would bring the oil level to the middle of the safe zone on the dipstick when checking your oil level. It is your responsibility to check your oil level often. So do just that, check it often. If you notice continued loss in large amounts, then be concerned.

Per Subaru 1 Qt per 1K is acceptable(2009)

Porsche this is (typically) 1.5lts per 1000kms

Toyota this is (typically) 1.0lts per 1500kms

“acceptable” means: We aren’t fixing anything unless it is worse than that.