03 Ford Escape v6

2003 Ford EscapeI have already changed battery and alternator why wont my car charge? It is a 2003 Ford Escape


There are several reasons why your car won’t charge:

  1. Faulty “NEW” alternator – How to test an Alternator
  2. Faulty “NEW” battery
  3. Bad connections or corrosion
  4. Blown Fuse – fuse B, 120 amp or Fuse 11, 15 amp
  5. Bad wiring – Wiring Harness

The charging system consists of the following components:

  • generator
  • integral voltage regulator

The generator maximum output provides 110 amps.

Charging System

The charging system is a negative ground system consisting of the following:

  • generator
  • PCM (2.0L Zetec)
  • internal voltage regulator
  • charging system warning indicator
  • battery
  • circuitry and cables

The generator is belt-driven by the engine accessory drive system.


The battery is a 12 volt direct current source connected in a negative ground system. The battery case is sealed and includes two vent holes to release gases. The battery has three major functions:

  • engine cranking power source
  • voltage stabilizer for the electrical system
  • temporary power when electrical loads exceed the generator output current

2003 Ford Escape Charging System Wiring Diagram