1992 Ford E-150 Club Wagon 4.9 inline six

1992 Ford E150Engine turns over but will not start. The engine light will not come on so I am assuming the computer is not energized. Checked the relays and they “click” as they are supposed. Moved them around to different sockets to try out whether defective.


The check engine light not coming on may be a simple bulb blown. Some shady sellers sometimes remove the bulb so as not to alert potential buyers of problems.The good news is, the check engine light does not have to be on to be able to pull the engine trouble codes.

As with any “Crank No Start” condition you will need to determine what the engine is not getting.

  • Spark
  • Fuel – Fuel pressure and injector pulse
  • Compression – each cylinder should be with in 20 psi of each other
  • Timing – all of the above at the right time.

I would start by spraying some starting fluid in the air filter to see if the engine starts. This is one fast easy test. If it does try to start, you now know the compression and spark are good. Concentrate on the fuel delivery system.