2006 Jeep Liberty Shifter

2006 Jeep Liberty Shifter CablesWhen I put my 2006 Jeep Liberty shifter in park I cannot get the key out. I also noticed that I can move the shift from park to reverse without pushing the safety button on the shift. Is this a linkage, computer, or transmission issue.

  1. Shifter
  2. Gearshift Cable
  3. Park-interlock Cable
  4. Shift Cable Seal Plate
  5. Floor Pan


The cable from shifter to ignition broken would cause the key issue. Broken shifter internal parts may be the cause for the ability to shift without pushing button. It appears to be a common problem for the 2004-2006 Jeep Liberty.

Requires replacement of entire center console 2006 Jeep Liberty shifter assembly with an “upgraded/improved” mopar part to fix the known high failure sub assembly (but not available for purchase separately).



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