Minor Shudder 2006 Ford Fusion

2006 Ford FusionMy 2006 Ford Fusion made a single minor shudder on my way home today. On the highway going about 120km/h. It wasn’t major, the car didn’t rev funny or lose power. I only felt it in my feet not on the steering wheel. It was just a little shake. I am just wondering if this is something major? It only happened once and then I was driving on the highway for another hour and it didn’t happen again. I commute quite far to work and want to make sure I don’t wind up stranded from a break down.


I wouldn’t worry to much about it at all unless it starts to happen more frequently. I would chalk it up as an engine misfire. In this case Ford has a check engine light that will illuminate if the issue becomes major. I would not read much into it at this point.