Drain Tube Ford Taurus

Drain Tube Evaporator core housingAir conditioning works great, but in the humidity (florida) my carpet gets very wet only on the passenger side of my 1999 Ford Taurus. Not due to rain, have checked all window seals good. was told it could possibly be a drain tube plugged up. possible? Where exactly on firewall is it located? thanks


There is a drain tube that does get clogged. It is at the bottom of the Evaporator Core housing. This is also the same location as the heater core housing.  Look below the heater core hoses at the firewall. That is the evaporator core housing. Look at and around the bottom of the housing. Simply prob the end of the tube with a pencil or screwdriver to unplug the drain tube.

Example location:

Ford Evaporator core drain plug location diagram


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