Ignition Coil 1996 Dodge Caravan

Ignition Coil 1996 Dodge CaravanI have a 96 Dodge Caravan SE, 3.3l. It has a misfire on 2 cylinders. When it was purchased a week ago the ignition coil had a broken connection for one cylinder. It was just replaced four days ago by myself. When I started the van up after installing the new coil, it was missing on 2 cylinders. I started pulling wires directly off of the coil and the ignition coil wasn’t even firing on those 2 cylinders. Went back to Autozone and warranty swapped the ignition coil for another new coil the very next day. I installed it in their parking lot and it was still missing on the same 2 cylinders with the same result. The ignition coil itself not firing. It has a new battery and Autolite plugs with Duralast wires. I’m just wondering if it could be the PCM or the BCU or a combination of the two?


Yes it could be an issue with the PCM – Powertrain Control Module. The ignition coil receives the signal to fire directly from the PCM. Check the wiring harness and connections first before replacing the PCM. Replacing the spark plugs was a good idea. Make sure the spark plug gap did not get closed accidentally.

Ignition coil diagram 1996 dodge caravan 3.3 engine