No Reverse Honda Civic

2003 honda civicHi, my name is Vitaliy, and I own a Honda Civic 2003 EX. I have a problem with my reverse … well more like I don’t have reverse at all, no reverse for a about a year now due to the fact that I got a price quote on transmission replacement or fix and it was just little more the the price of the whole car.. but now that I have been driving for almost a year without reverse make me wonder if it could be something else other than transmission.
English is my 2nd language .. sorry for bad spellcheck…
more detail ..
when I drive car works perfectly without any weird sound or other problems.. but if i switch to reverse the cars make the grinding or just unpleasant noise and no reverse..
CODES that i got were P0420, P0131 .. i did order O2 sensor that I’m going to replace this weekends. other than that …. I DO NOT have an engine light on. and yes the light work when i start the car. cant really think of anything else useful to tell you. but i guess my question is .. could something else other then transmission cause my reverse problem and how likely>?


NO. Since there is a grinding noise when you place the transmission into reverse it would be safe to say the transmission is trying to go into reverse but there is internal damage that is why you get the noise instead of the transmission working as it should.

The engine codes have nothing to do with the transmission or its function.