Pushrod bending Pontiac

1998 Pontiac Grand PrixI keep having a intake pushrod close to the number 5 cylinder and and intake pushrod on the back side that keep bending. The 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix 3100 sat for a while. Instead of cleaning the tank I used gas treatment. I am also not sure if i am sitting the lifters correctly. Please help. Thank you


This is a common occurrence when the pushrods are not marked when removed. The intake and exhaust push rods are not the same length in this engine. To avoid this in the future, poke holes in a piece of cardboard and mark the front so they are kept in the same order they are removed. For now you can just measure them.

Push Rod Repalcement diagramImportant

 Place the valve train parts in a rack in order to ensure that they are installed in the same location from which they were removed. Intake pushrods measure 144.18 mm (5.68 in) long. Exhaust pushrods measure 152.51 mm (6.0 in) long.