1999 c5 Chevy Corvette

1999 Chevy CorvetteHi, my 1999 Chevy Corvette stalls when I go in reverse or forward, it idles just fine. It usually happens when I park somewhere uneven. If I don’t use it for a while it works just fine.


There are no recalls or TSB’s for this issue. I would start by pulling any stored codes that may be present. Also try running the fuel out and putting in some high octane from a premium fueling station.

An Ignition control circuit that is open, grounded, or short to voltage will set an ignition control circuit DTC. If a fault occurs in the IC output circuit when the engine is running, the engine will experience a misfire. DTCs P0351-P0358 will set when a malfunction is detected with an Ignition Control circuit. When an Ignition control DTC sets, the PCM will disabled the injector for the appropriate cylinder.

The Chevy Corvette PCM uses information from the engine coolant temperature sensor in addition to RPM to calculate spark advance values as follows:

  • High RPM = more advance
  • Cold engine = more advance
  • Low RPM = less advance
  • Hot engine = less advance

Therefore, detonation may be caused by high resistance in the engine coolant temperature sensor circuit. Poor performance may be caused by low resistance in the engine coolant temperature sensor circuit.

If the engine cranks but will not run or immediately stalls, Engine Cranks But Will Not Run diagnostic table must be used to determine if the failure is in the ignition system or the fuel system. If DTC P0300, P0341, P0342, P0343, P0335, P0336 is set, the appropriate diagnostic trouble code table must be used for diagnosis.


 Never pierce a secondary ignition wire or boot for any testing purposes.

Be careful not to damage the secondary ignition wires or boots when servicing the ignition system. Rotate each boot to dislodge it from the plug or coil tower before pulling it from either a spark plug or the ignition coil. Future problems are guaranteed if pinpoints or test lights are pushed through the insulation for testing.