Head Gasket 2005 Ford Taurus

head gasket 2005 Ford TaurusHow much would a mechanic charge to replace head gaskets on this car?


Much would depend on the engine as it may be DOHC (Double Over Head Cam) or not.

Around $1600 this includes gaskets, coolant, oil, cleaner, misc and labor.

The gasket set is under $100 plus mechanic mark up on parts = $150 – $200

Cylinder Head Gasket, Replace (b)


Labor Times by Hours

Comments: Regular Service Times
DOHC both sides 16.5
DOHC left side 15.7
DOHC right side 15.0
FFV both sides  9.0
FFV both sides  9.9
FFV left side  6.9
FFV left side 7.2
FFV right side  6.1
FFV right side  6.4