2002 Pontiac Bonneville

2002 Pontiac BonnevilleAll of my doors, locks and drivers side mirror works on my Pontiac Bonneville EXCEPT my passenger side. The window, door lock and the mirror won’t work. We have checked the fuses and checked the wires with a voltage tester. What’s wrong?


Sounds like you have some more checking to do with the volt-meter. If everything works from the drivers side door switches but no the passenger side. The passenger side switch assembly is faulty or unplugged. If neither side switches work, then the wiring is faulty. In most cases the wiring harness becomes damaged at the door jam. This is common. Using a multi-meter you can check for voltage going to the passenger side switch and then leaving the switch to determine where the issue is.

2002 Pontiac Bonneville Power Window Wiring Diagram


2002 Pontiac Bonneville Power Door Locks Wiring Diagram