2005 Chrysler Pacifica

2005 Chrysler PacificaMy battery light came on while driving when I tried to turn my power steering had gone out. Then I got out of my car and noticed what looked like water leaking from the bottom of my car. Is it the water pump or hose?


Sounds like your serpentine belt may have come off or broken. The serpentine belt drives the water pump, alternator(battery light) and power steering pump. All of which you experienced an issue with all at the same time. Inspect the belt and the belt driven components. The water pump may have failed causing the belt to come off and also leak coolant.


Turning of the steering wheel is converted into linear (side-to-side) travel through the meshing of the helical pinion teeth with the rack teeth within the steering gear. The lateral travel pushes and pulls the tie rods to change the direction of the vehicle’s front wheels.

Power assist steering is provided by a belt driven rotary type pump. It directs fluid through power steering fluid hoses to the power steering gear where it is used to assist the driver’s turning effort.

Manual steering control of the vehicle can be maintained if power steering assist is lost. However, under this condition, steering effort is significantly increased.