Cooling Fan 2001 Jeep Cherokee

2001 Jeep Grand CherokeeWe changed our water pump and thermostat because my  2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4.7l v8 would run hot while sitting. Well after we got everything done, we took it down the road. It started to run hot, check gauges light came on so I turned it off and then released pressure from radiator cap. And then tried to crank but it wouldn’t start with out foot on gas. It shuts off when you take your foot off the gas and is running like crap and is shaking. I’m stumped please help thanks


Sounds like you drove it a bit too long with the engine running hot before turning it off. If it ran just fine until the check gauges light came on, you probably blew a head gasket.

The cooling system needs to be bled and then topped off. If the top and bottom radiator hose are getting hot, then the thermostat is opening. Most common reason for overheating at idle only would be the fan is not coming on. This can be from the cooling fan relay, the fuse,  the cooling fan motor, PCM or the wiring harness.

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Cooling Fan Wiring Diagram