2005 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS

2005 Mitsubishi EclipseThe car is running great. Idles fine, can’t feel or hear a skip. But when I take off its bogged down like half power. Battery and brake light come on and off but doesn’t stay on. Had two calipers go bad one after another.


You could put the car on jack stands and see if the wheels spin freely. This would let you know if your brakes are sticking. If it is, repair as needed. Another check you can do after driving the vehicle would be to feel (without touching) each wheel to see if one is considerably hotter than the others. This is another indication of your brakes sticking.

If your check engine light is on, you should extract the engine trouble codes. You may post them below in the comments for further information on the codes themselves. There may be a sensor failing or loose air intake hose causing the issue.

Low Fuel Pressure can also cause an engine to bog. Does the issue occur if you try to rev the engine in park or neutral?