AC quits blowing cold air Dodge Durango

2000 Dodge DurangoI have a strange problem with the Air Conditioning on my 2000 Dodge Durango with 360 engine. The AC works fine until the vehicle is driven for about 45 minutes. Then the AC quits blowing cold air. If you turn it off for about 15 minutes or so, when you turn it back on it works great for another 45 minutes. Please help. This problem has my local Midas shop baffled and those guys can usually fix anything.


I have come across this one time over 12 years working on air conditioning issues. This is a good one. It turned out to be a sticking relay. It was causing the compressor to continually run. If you pop the hood when it quits blowing cold you should see the Accumulator covered in ice. The system is freezing and once it has time to thaw back down it starts to work again.