Ignition Component Module Dodge Caravan

1994 Dodge CaravanMy 1994 Dodge Caravan 3.0 runs for an hour, chugs and poops out, and must sit (rest?) for another hour before it will start back up and run fine. if you hit the gas when it’s pooping out, it will immediately die. Been like this for over a year. I ask everyone ’bout problem, get a lot of laughs, but no solution or advice. please help…thx much, barb


Most common reason for this would be a failing ignition component. Your ignition system consists of a PCM, Coil and Distributor. The most common ignition component to fail is the distributor. Luckily the entire distributor does not need to be replaced. Underneath the distributor cap and rotor is the ICM – Ignition Control Module. The ignition control module is the most common failure part.  It starts to break down once it starts to heat up and once it has time to cool down, it works just fine. The ignition system in your vehicle has the ignition control module built into the distributor. Looked up the ICM – Ignition Control Module you need. Double checked to make certain the ignition component will fit the 3.0L engine that is in your Caravan.

Ignition Component for Dodge Caravan

The Hall effect pick-up ignition system is used in conjunction with an engine controller, also referred to as a Single Module Engine Controller (SMEC) for 1988–89, a Single Board Engine Controller (SBEC) for 1990–91, a Single Board Engine Controller II (SBEC II) for 1992, and a Powertrain Control Module (PCM) for 1993–95. The SMEC, SBEC, SBEC II or PCM controls the entire ignition. The engine controller gives the capability of igniting the fuel mixture over all operating conditions, by delivering an infinite amount of variable electronic spark advance curves.

The Hall Effect Pick-Up ignition system consists of an engine controller (SMEC, SBEC, SBEC II or PCM), a conventional (but pointless) distributor, a Hall effect pick-up, an ignition coil, an Auto Shutdown (ASD) relay, and primary and secondary ignition wiring.