Test Battery 2014 Dodge Avenger SE

2014 Dodge AvengerThe car was in a minor fender bender a few months ago. After the car ran fine and was driven home. I’ve started it a couple times since its been sitting and it ran fine. Today I jump started it and after I removed the cables it died after a minute or less. As long as the jump cables are connected it will stay running but the gauge lights and radio will flicker. The only service light that stays on is the traction control light. I looked at as much wiring as I could for damage or shorts and didn’t find anything. I had taken the damaged headlights and grill off but otherwise haven’t done anything to repair the damaged body parts. Where should I go next?


Replace the BATTERY is my first thought. Make sure the alternator belt is still on. Then check your alternators operation.  You can test battery operation. A hard impact like an accident and jumping a battery often cause damage tot he battery internally. The lead plates inside build up a crust on the plates. This crust is blasted off when a battery is jump started and the particles float to the bottom and often short out the battery.

How to test battery operation

Use a load tester to test a battery. Reading a 12v from a multi-meter does not show you anything other than its charge status. You need to test for amperage draw capabilities which can be down with a load tester.