Xreas Shock 2003 Toyota 4 Runner

2003 Toyota 4 Runner LimitedReplacing xreas shock system on my 2003 Toyota 4 Runner Limited.
I am removing the xreas system and replacing with conventional shocks.
I have read a list of threads online and what I have found online is that people replace with Bilstein HD shocks 4600 Heavy duty or 5100 series.
Also, replacing front and rear springs with FJC brand. And replacing existing sway-bar bushings that are attached to shocking system mounts!

Are these the Products you recommend?


Blistein HD shocks seem to be the way to go when replacing the xreas shock system. However I like to replace the complete assembly when available. This makes the install quicker and complete. I recommend BILSTEIN 6112 Struts & Coils 46-227287 because they come Assembled & Ready for Installation. These are good for vehicles with 0 – 2.5″ lift.