Aug 242016

Dash Lights 2004 Chevy Monte Carlo SS My dash lights went out, all other lights work. I had the BCM scanned and no code came up. The fuse’s are all good. When it get dark the head light come on however the shifter & radio lights go dimm.


There are four fuses that power the instrument cluster/dash lights. Make sure to check all four. If all fuses check good then you may have a sensor issue or wiring issue. If all sensors check OK and wiring checks, then the cluster itself is defective.

Dash Lights/Instrument Cluster Wiring Diagram 2004 Chevy Monte Carlo SS


Instrument Cluster Removal

Important The ignition switch must be in the OFF position when removing the instrument cluster.

  • Remove the instrument panel (I/P) cluster trim plate. Refer to Trim Plate Bezel Replacement – Instrument Panel (I/P) Cluster .
  • Remove the instrument cluster screws.
  • Pull the instrument cluster towards you and disconnect the electrical connector.
  • Remove the instrument cluster from the I/P.


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  1. what fixed this problem?

  2. Thanks for sharing it not just for me but for everyone. 

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