1994 Dodge Caravan 3.0

1994 Dodge CaravanMy car runs for an hour and then poops out and must sit for another hour (rest) and then will start back up just fine.  feels like flooding out?  if you hit gas when it’s pooping out, it will immediately die.  It been like this for over a year.  very frustrating.  plez help.  I’ve ask every male I see, get a lot of laughs about it, but no help.  it’s not funny to me.


The most common reason for this would be a failing ignition control module.

When it will not start you can check for loss of spark or fuel. A quick test I like to use is to spray starting fluid in the air filter to see if it tries to start. If it does you know it is not getting fuel. If it doesn’t then most likely you do not have spark.

Ignition Control Module



Remove the coil secondary cable from the distributor cap. Using a suitable tool, hold end of cable about  1 4 in. (5mm) from good engine ground. Crank the engine and look for good, constant spark at the coil secondary wire. If the spark is constant, have a helper continue to crank the engine while moving the coil secondary cable away from ground. Look for arcing at the coil tower. If arcing occurs, replace the coil. If no arcing occurs, the ignition system is producing the necessary high secondary voltage. Make certain this voltage is getting to the spark plugs by checking the distributor rotor, cap, spark plug wires and spark plugs. If all check in good condition, the ignition system is not the cause of the problem.