AC Fan or Resistor 2005 Chrysler

2005 Chrysler Town and CountryMy 2005 Chrysler Town And Country’s AC Fan Motor in the front works some times. The back one always works. I am trying to find out is it more likely that the resistor is going out or the fan motor?


The AC Fan motor should be replaced. Your air conditioning system is working as it should. When the fan motor is working the different speeds work so the resistor is fine. The resistor has no moving parts so it works on all speeds or it doesn’t. If the AC fan motor only worked on High speed then I would recommend replacing the resistor. The Fan motor has internal brushes that wear and will act as you described when going out. So replacing the AC Fan Motor should fix you right up. That is after you confirm the blower motor relay is providing power to the blower motor when it isn’t working. Otherwise you will need to replace the blower motor relay. There is a separate relay for the front motor and the rear motor. When testing make sure to set the fan speed on high. This provides direct voltage with no resistance from the resistor.

AC Fan Motor(blower motor) wiring diagram 2005 Chrysler Town and Country