Code P0705 Toyota Sienna Limited

2005 Toyota SiennaI have a 2005 Toyota Sienna Limited with Code P0705. I checked fuses, replaced neutral safety switch and still get codes. No reverse camera and reverse lights stay on. Can it be a beaker switch under dash and how and can this be fixed.

Thanks for your time, Kirk Asher


Sounds like the Neutral Safety Switch/Gear Selector may just need to be adjusted.

Code P0705 – Transmission Range Sensor Malfunction

Code P0705  Description

The park/neutral position (PNP) switch includes a transmission range switch. The transmission range switch detects the selector lever position when the shift lever is in the N or P shift position and sends a signal to the Transmission Control Module (TCM).

Code P0705 Possible causes

  • Faulty Park/Neutral Position Switch
  • Misadjusted Park/Neutral Position Switch
  • Park/Neutral Position Switch harness is open or shorted
  • Park/Neutral Position Switch circuit poor electrical connection

Neutral Safety Switch Adjustment

(a)Apply the parking brake and turn the ignition to ON.
(b)Depress the brake pedal and check that the engine starts only when the shift lever is set in N or P position.
(c)Check that the back-up light is on and the reverse warning buzzer sounds only when the shift lever is set in R position. If a failure is found, check the park/neutral position switch for continuity.

Neutral Safety Switch - Gear Selector Switch 2005 Toyota Sienna

(a)Loosen the 2 bolts of park/neutral position switch and set the shift lever to the N position.
(b)Align the groove and neutral basic line.
(c)Hold the switch in position and tighten the 2 bolts. Torque: 5.4 Nm (55 kgf’cm, 48 in. ‘lbf)
(d)After adjustment, perform the inspection described in step 1.