Bright Red Exhaust 2002 Ford Windstar

2003 Ford WindstarI just replaced blown head gasket on 3.8 engine. It ran rough and then smoothed out and ran. I looked under and noticed that the front exhaust was bright red. I shut it off immediately. Any answers how to fix this prob?


Your fuel is probably to rich, and continues to burn during exhaust. Get it fixed as soon as you can. If there is a check engine light on, pull the codes and post them below in the comments. Did you double check your work to make sure you didn’t leave anything unplugged?

  • When this happens it typically means you have a clogged exhaust system, and it can’t escape. Can you feel any air coming out of the tailpipe at all?
  • Can be caused by the engine timing advanced too far.
  • Others say this is from the engine running lean. May be a sensor issue restricting fuel delivery.