2004 Honda Accord Solenoid

2004 Honda Accordshifting mod automatic ! almost like it slips then grabs and goes


May be low on fluid or has a sticking solenoid.

A/T System Description – Hydraulic Controls

Hydraulic Controls

Valve Bodies

The valve body includes the main valve body, the regulator valve body, and the servo body. The ATF pump is driven by splines on the left end of the torque converter which is attached to the engine. Fluid flows through the regulator valve to maintain specified pressure through the main valve body to the manual valve, directing pressure to the shift valves and to each of the clutches via the solenoid valves. Shift solenoid valves A, B, C, D, and E are bolted on the servo body. A/T clutch pressure control solenoid valves A, B, and C are mounted on the outside of the transmission housing.

Solenoids 2004 Honda Accord

Main Valve Body

The main valve body contains the manual valve, shift valves and the relief valve, the lock-up control valve, the cooler check valve, the servo control valve, and the ATF pump gears. The primary function of the main valve body is to switch fluid pressure on and off and to control hydraulic pressure going to the hydraulic control system.

Regulator Valve Body

The regulator valve body contains the regulator valve, the torque converter check valve, lock-up shift valve, and the 1st and 3rd accumulators.

Servo Body

The servo body contains the servo valve, shift valve D, the accumulators for 2nd, 4th, and 5th, and shift solenoid valves for A, B, C, D, and E.