Brakes 2002 Chevy Trailblazer

2002 Chevy TrailblazerFront brakes engage while driving at any speed mainly hwy


Sounds like you may have a sticking brake caliper. The brake would tend to drag and become worse the longer you drive. It would not be as noticeable when first driving until it has a chance to heat up and expand. Your vehicle is equipped with ABS. Is the ABS light on? If the ABS light is illuminated there may be an issue with your hub bearing failing. This is quite common.

Disc Brake System Description and Operation

System Component Description

 The disc brake system consists of the following components:

Disc Brake Pads: Applies mechanical output force from the hydraulic brake calipers to friction surfaces of brake rotors.

Disc Brake Rotors: Uses mechanical output force applied to friction surfaces from the disc brake pads to slow speed of tire and wheel assembly rotation.

Disc Brake Pad Hardware: Secures disc brake pads firmly in proper relationship to the hydraulic brake calipers. Enables a sliding motion of brake pads when mechanical output force is applied.

Disc Brake Caliper Hardware: Provides mounting for hydraulic brake caliper and secures the caliper firmly in proper relationship to caliper bracket. Enables a sliding motion of the brake caliper to the brake pads when mechanical output force is applied.

System Operation

 Mechanical output force is applied from the hydraulic brake caliper pistons to the inner brake pads. As the pistons press the inner brake pads outward, the caliper housings draw the outer brake pads inward. This allows the output force to be equally distributed. The brake pads apply the output force to the friction surfaces on both sides of the brake rotors, which slows the rotation of the tire and wheel assemblies. The correct function of both the brake pad and brake caliper hardware is essential for even distribution of braking force.