TPS Sensor Location 2000 Pontiac Sunfire

2001 Pontiac SunfireWhere is my throttle position sensor, TPS sensor location?

The TPS sensor location is on the side of the throttle body. An air intake hose attaches from the air filter to the throttle body.

TPS Sensor Location – Throttle Position Sensor Location

TPS Sensor location - throttle position sensor

Throttle Position Sensor Replacement

Removal Procedure

  • The air cleaner outlet resonator needs to be removed.
  • Remove the TP sensor attaching screws (1).
  • Remove the TP sensor (2) and seal (3).

Installation Procedure

  • With the throttle valve in the normal closed (idle) position, install the throttle position sensor (2) and seal (3) on the throttle body assembly.


Install the new TP sensor attaching screws when replacing TP sensor.

  • Install two TP sensor screws (1).


Tighten the screws to 3 N·m (27 lb in).

  • •Install the air cleaner outlet resonator.