2002 Mercury Grand Marquis

2001 Mercury Grand MarquisMy alternator was grinding & needed to be replaced. Was on my way home to do just that & it died. Car had to be towed. Replaced the alternator, charged the battery & car would not start. It kind of made a small backfire sound or “poof” noise. I thought maybe the spark plugs got fouled, so I replaced those too. Charged the battery again & tried to restart the car. Nothing. It cranks, but does not seem to try & fire up? Checked the fuel pump reset in the trunk, but it was not tripped either. What else could be the issue? I need this car for work and any help is much appreciated. Thanks! My car has 120000 miles. My car has an automatic transmission.


The first thing to do would be to determine what it is not getting.

  • Spark
  • Fuel
  • Fuel injector pulse
  • Fuel pressure
Test for Spark

A quick test would be to spray starting fluid into the air filter and see if it wants to run on that. If it does, you know you have spark and some sort of fuel related issue.