Crankcase Regulating Valve 2010 Volkswagen CC

2010 VW CCI keep getting a code to “replace Crankcase Regulating Valve, but when I look for info on it I keep finding PCV valve. Is this the same thing? or a different part


Same function. Same part. Different name. Same thing. IT is a crankcase PRESSURE regulating valve. This allows the crankcase to vent pressure so it runs smoother. PCV  stands for positive crankcase ventilation.

A faulty PCV valve will allow pressurized intake air back into the valve cover/crankcase. This pressurized air can blow out several openings. The oil filler cap, air filter and dipstick should be checked for evidence of oil blow out.

crankcase regulating valve

Crankcase Regulating Valve/ PCV Testing

  • With the engine OFF, remove the engine cover and locate the hose connecting the intake manifold to the crankcase. Disconnect the hose from the intake manifold side and clean off any residue with a cloth. Blow into the hose and if there is some resistance then the check valve is operating correctly. If there is no resistance, then the PCV valve should be replaced.
  • In addition, with the engine running, disconnect the hose from the valve cover. Plug the hose and check idle quality. If the idle quality improves, replace the PCV valve.
  • Furthermore with the engine running, remove the dipstick. If the idle quality improves, replace the PCV valve.
  • Finally Remove the cap from the oil filler hole on the valve cover. Place a stiff piece of paper over the opening. The paper should be sucked against the hole and within a couple of seconds if the PCV is operating properly.