Distributor Coil 1992 Ford Festiva l

1992 Ford FestivaRepeatedly blowing distributor coil


Check and clean your connections. Check your wiring harness. Specifically your ground connections. The yellow/Green wire is the negative side and the Black/White wire is the positive side of the coil.

distributor coil diagram 1992 Ford Festiva

Distributor Coil Power Source

Disconnect primary wires at ignition coil. Turn ignition on. Measure between Black/White wire on harness connector and ground, If voltage is not greater than 10 volts, check battery feed, ignition switch and fusible links. If voltage is greater than 10 volts check coil resistance.

How to Test Distributor Coil

Using a multi-meter, measure resistance between primary terminals of coil. Measure resistance between positive primary terminal and coil tower.

  • Primary (Ohms) = 0.8 – 1.6
  • Secondary (Ohms) = 6000 – 30,000

Verify resistance between coil case and primary terminal is infinite. Replace coil if resistance measurements are not within specifications.