Dual Fuel Tank 1994 F150 XLT

1994 Ford F150 XLTI just replaced my neutral safety switch and starter solenoid starter switch. And when starting my truck up, I discovered that my front fuel tank pump was not working but the back tank was. After some research I decided to change my fuel tank selector switch on the dash and now none of the pumps will work. This is a dual fuel tank system. I then put the old switch back on and same thing none will work. I have checked my fuses and relay and they appear to be fine. About two years ago I had both pumps replaced and the front tank replaced due to the truck sitting for years after Hurricane Katrina. Any pointers would be great.


I recommend checking the inertia switch first. Should be located under the passenger floor mat toward the top. It is easy to get to and takes only a few seconds to test and or reset. Push the button. Next I would check Fuse O(20A) and then the fuel pump relay.

Dual Fuel Tank Wiring Diagram 1994 Ford F150

dual fuel tank wiring diagram 1994 Ford F150