Oil Pan 1995 Ford Bronco 4X4 5.0 L

1995 Ford BroncoHow do you remove the Oil Pan on a 5.0 L, and what do I have to disconnect? Have disconnected the Engine Mounts and can not get it high enough to get the pan off. Will I have to disconnect the Transmission?


You have started down the right track since the engine mounts need to be removed first. The oil pick up tube has to be removed before the oil pan can be removed. The pick up can be removed but it isn’t easy to do. A hand and a small socket or wrench will fit with some tricky hand bending. I’ll post a complete set of instructions for oil pan removal. Furthermore page down to the 5.0L engine for step by step instructions that include some illustrations.

Remove the nut attaching the oil pump pickup tube to the No. 3 main bearing cap stud

oil pan removal

  • Lower the pickup tube and screen into the pan, then lower the pan from the engine

Oil Pan Removal 1995 Ford Bronco/F150