Timing Gears 1978 Ford Pinto

1978 Ford Pinto PonyI have a 1978 Ford Pinto Pony 4 Cylinder. I would like assistance on setting the Crankshaft and Camshaft timing gears. Since after taking the front off the Engine to replace Timing Chain, Water Pump and Idler it got turned while tightening the Pulleys, etc.


Place the timing gears “dot to dot”. Align the timing marks so that they are pointing at one another. The gears will only go on one way since there is a key-way that has to be lined up. The chain doesn’t have to be in any particular place as long as the the timing gears line up on the correct marks. Once you have them aligned, rotate the engine a couple of times and make certain the marks line up again. This is a great way to double check the correct installation.

timing gears diagram 1978 Ford 2.3L

Timing Cover Removal and Timing Gear Alignment