No Night Light 1986 GMC Safari Van

GMC SafariI’m trying to figure I have brake lights and directional light no nightlife no night light I change the receptacle with only two wires in the with only two wires in the rain and what am I doing wrong?


Check the fuses and then the wiring for good ground and current. Then check the switch, wiring harness and connections for no night light.

fuse box diagram 1986 GMC Safari Van - No Night Light

Light operation – No Night Light

The headlight switch is a push button switch to turn the lights on and off. It is is located on the left side of the instrument panel. A rheostat dial, located with the headlight/parking light switch, is used to control the illumination of the instrument panel. It is also used to control the night light.

A dimmer switch (part of the combination switch), to control the Hi and Lo beam operation, is located in the steering column; the lights are changed by pulling the lever toward the driver.