Transmission Seal 1997 Ford Ranger

Ford RangerWhat would cause the rear transmission seal to blow?


  1. Age of the seal – old seal tend to dry out and rot and sometimes just wear out
  2. Clogged vent on top of transmission
  3. Overfill transmission fluid
  4. Worn internal bearings in transmission
  5. Worn out put shaft yoke

Rear Transmission Seal Replacement

DescriptionTool Number
Seal RemoverT74P-77248-A
Impact Slide HammerT50T-100-A
Extension Housing Seal ReplacerT61L-7657-A



  1. Raise the vehicle on a hoist and position suitable safety stands under vehicle.
  1. Remove the rear driveshaft.
  1. Use Seal Remover T74P-77248-A and Impact Slide Hammer T50T-100-A to remove the yoke to flange seal (7B215) for the rear output shaft from the transfer case. Discard the yoke to flange seal.

rear transmission seal


  1. Lubricate the yoke to flange seal with Motorcraft MERCON® Multi-Purpose Automatic Transmission Fluid XT-2-QDX or equivalent MERCON® fluid.
  1. NOTE: In the following step, install the yoke to flange seal so that the hole in the bottom of the yoke to flange seal is at the six o’clock position. Use Extension Housing Seal Replacer T61L-7657-A to install the rear yoke to flange seal in the transfer case. Make sure the slot in the tool is installed over the tab on the yoke to flange seal.
  1. Install the rear driveshaft.
  1. Remove safety stands and lower the vehicle.

seal replacer tool 1997 Ford Ranger