1993 Pontiac Grand Prix

1993 Pontiac Grand PrixOn 11/30/16 my car stalled as I was driving in heavy rain. I did drive through some not so high standing water. I pulled to the side and tried to start the engine and it idled for a minute or two but when I tried to pull away it stalled. It would only start if I feed it gas and it did not want to stay running as it did back fire. I had it towed to a small shop where a friend is the service writer. The mechanic pulled about 7 different codes and when cleared they came back. I feel it’s unlikely that all of these different things failed at the same time? The mechanic doesn’t know where to start with all of these codes as it would cost much money. Where would you start? Thanks for your help


I would take an air hose tot eh engine compartment to dry out the engine bay and all around the spark plugs, and electrical connections. Electronics do weird things when exposed to lots of water.